Fan leader killed by police

Parana Clube fan 001

Brazil: Paraná Clube fan killed.

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What Fans Can Do To Prepare For The UEFA European Football Championship 2024

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The 2024 European Championships may seem far away, but they will be here before you know it. The tournament is taking place in Germany this time around, a country steeped in football history. Or it is if you support England at any rate.

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Two Huge Balkan Derbies Are Coming in the Opening Weeks of the New Season

The Balkans are famed for having some of the most passionate football supporters on the planet. Anyone that has followed their teams in UEFA competitions in countries such as Serbia, Croatia or Bulgaria knows that their ultras are not to be messed with. And it isn’t just passionate fans that the Balkan states have brought us. They have also brought us some of the greatest football clubs that the continent has ever seen. 

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Have West Ham Successfully Settled Into Life at the London Stadium?

It’s taken a while, but it appears that West Ham, almost six years since moving, are now well and truly happily ensconced in their new home at the London Stadium. It was clearly a massive wrench to bid farewell to Upton Park, and the club’s fanatical followers certainly didn’t fall in love with their new stadium instantly.

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Forest’s Are in the Premier League Again: Will Their Return Ignite Old Rivalries?

notthingam forest fans

From the 1970s to the 1990s, Nottingham Forest was a force to reckon with. In 1992, they formed the circle of clubs that made up the Premier League. With Brian Clough in charge, the club finished in the top 10 three consecutive times. There was a promise of better football in the newly-created division, and the club was eager to stake its claim.

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Women’s Football Attendance Setting New Records

The women’s game is gradually being given the attention and financial backing that it fully deserves, with ticket promotions and new broadcasting deals going a long way to raising the profile of the game. Of course, the best way to get crowds into stadiums is to put on a top-class showcase of the sport, which growing attendance figures clearly suggest is happening.

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Away fans banned for PAOK - Levski

paok levski no fans

Conference League: Ban on away fans

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Ultras movement - true passion that never dies

Everybody has their secret (or not so much) passion in life. It can be something simple like movies, risky like mountain climbing, or fun like playing online slots that pay real money. We dedicate a considerable part of our lives to those passions and are always happy to share it with someone like-minded. Sometimes we find a lot of such people and form groups of interest. And maybe the most famous example of this is sports fun clubs.  

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England fans arrested for... 'Nazi salutes' in Munich

english fans arrested in munich

Eight England fans were arrested in Germany

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Who Have Been the Best Fans in the English Championship This Season?


When you think of football leagues with the best fans, the English Championship probably wouldn’t rank high on your list. But there is plenty to love about the supporters in England’s second tier.

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A New French Revolution: PSG Fans turn on their team

Real Unrest is growing among the PSG Support

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ultras united for ukraine

Charity sale for Ukraine

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Action in Marseille between OM and PAOK hools

marseille paok hooligans

UECL: Fights in Marseille

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Seven Football Stadiums to Visit

A favorite trip for many football fans is to visit different stadiums around the world. Many of these stadiums are iconic and have rich histories. Here are seven of the best football stadiums in the world:

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RIOTS: Queretaro - Atlas 05.03.2022

queretaro atlas 1

Mexico: 22 fans injured, 17 killed!

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Legia Warszawa - Wisła Kraków 25.02.2022

legia wisla 1

Poland: Protes by Legia fans

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Famous Barcelona’s Stadium to be Renamed Spotify Camp Nou

fc barcelona g0eeff93dc 640

The world of sports has always witnessed groundbreaking news. Of course, fans are always eager to know the latest as this can impact their betting opportunities. By the way, you can find numerous betting tips and news on So, what is the latest news about the famous Barcelona Stadium?

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Racial Abuse of Rio Ferdinand: Football Fan Pleads Guilty


Following the final defeat of England by Italy at the Euro 2020, Rio Ferdinand, the former Man United and England defender, became a target on social media. Although the defeat was not expected, punters cashed out from the result with many getting tips from sites like

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List of Top 7 Brazilian Football Teams And Their Number Of Fans in 2022

In a world where people want to follow trends, it's safe to say that football is a universal language. No matter who you are or what country you come from, you'll most likely have a favorite team if you're a football fan. There are over 2 billion followers of the beautiful game worldwide, and every one of them has their reasons for loving this sport. Some have even gotten into football betting sites like so that they can catch up and enjoy their favorite sport at home.

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Are Crystal Palace fans worthy of the ultras tag? 

A few months back, two men released a video from a small home garage and pretended to be Crystal Palace fans who were discussing the merits of what makes them such feared ultras. It was never established who these two gentlemen supported but you can guess it was either one of the other London clubs or Brighton and Hove Albion given that these are typically the teams that Palace has the strongest rivalries with. 

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