Unwritten rules from street football

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Which rules did you use in your childhood?

Back in the days, before smartphones and TV games was invented, kids used to play football. We played football everywhere and anywhere. At school, in streets, in gardens, from morning to night.


In this article we have tried to collect some of the unwritten rules we used as young football players. Perhaps you and your mates also used them?



Unwritten football rules:

- Person who own the ball can always dictate his own rules.

- Always argue about the rules and a couple of fights every week is ok. But don't piss off the ball owner!

- No referee.

- Offside don't exists.

- If there is more balls available, always choose the oldest.


- Nasty tackle anywhere on the pitch might result in penalty.

- Broken leg or nose blood is often required to get fault or penalty. Anything else is "Hollywood".

- Three corners also result in penalty.

- You can make goals posts by anything - Just be creative! Paint on a wall, use stones, use sticks or even your own jackets as posters.


- The best player, or the owner of the ball, usually pick out teams.

- No rules about maximum or minimum players on each team.

- If one team got less players than the other, they will start with the ball.

- To see the different, one team often wear t-shirts while the other play without.

- In cities with several big football clubs, you might get a team after who you support. Example Liverpool fans on one team and Everton fans on the other team.

(Celtic and Rangers shit together)


- Last player to be picked is always the worst one.

- Fattest person is goalkeeper.

- Bad players often play defense as that position got no priority.

- If one team is losing big time, they can get one player from the good team.


- Youngest player need to go and find water.

- Who ever kick the ball over the fence need to go and get it. If the ball end up far away, you can send the youngest player.

- "Next goal win", no matter if the score is 10-1 at that time.

- When the school bell ring, no one leave the field until "next goal win", regardless of the score.


- If the ball hit a car, break a window or end up in the garden of your very angry neighbor: Never say who kicked the ball!

- No need for fancy football shoes in all kind of colors. Your old favorite runners or sneakers will do the job.

- No ladies, only "cheerleaders".

- If the ball owner is angry, the game is over...


At the end of the evening you walk back home after a long day with football and good friends. No matter how bad you played or how much your team lost, you always dream about being one of the famous football players.

Be prepared for your angry mum waiting at the door as you are a few hours too late home and haven't done your homework yet. Cold dinner can be found at the kitchen table, you need to eat it cold before you go to bed.

(Young kid watching grafitti of Georg Best)


Do you agree with these rules? Please share with your mates!