RIOTS: Nice - Köln 08.09.2022

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nice vs koln

UECL: Big fight in Nice

Big fight in Nice before the Conference League game Nice v Köln.

The Germans (+ Supras/PSG/) went out of the away sector and made it all the way to the Nice ultras sector where a fight broke out between the two groups.

First info online is for at least 7 injured, including 2 seriously. One guy, presumably Nice fan, fell down or was thrown down from the upper stand to the one below. No info on his condition, hopefully stable.

Match kick-off is delayed.


edit: It is now clear, as seen in a video, that a Köln fan, without paying attention, pushed Supras (PSG, friends to Köln) down the stand. Still no info on the guys condition.

Unnoficially, two Köln fans were stabbed before the match outside stadium and that was reason for the fight on the stands.






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