Feyenoord attack Ajax before cup final

ajax cup final 004

Holland: Incident in Rotterdam before the cup final.

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Detroit City FC Supporters Prepare To Return

Screenshot 1

They might not be the most famous football supporters club in the world, but in certain circles, the backers of Le Rouge - the supporters of Detroit City FC - have certainly gained cult hero status among followers of the beautiful game in America.

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Manchester United and Liverpool Rivalry: 5 Interesting Facts

Football is not only the most-watched sport but also a game known to create a bitter rivalry between club fans. In England, a fixture between Manchester United and Liverpool has always birthed tension among fans across the divide. While it is not a derby fixture, the rivalry goes deeper than most fans think. It is the most fought football fixture in England, nearly comparable to Boca Juniors vs. River Plate in Argentina. But before we explore a few reasons behind the epic rivalry, gentpromocode lets you place bets on your favourite sportsbook with a few clicks.

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5000 banners cover De Kuip

De Kuip banners 1

Holland: Feyenoord fans painted 5000 banners!

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10 most passionate fan bases in the football world

Whenever you think about passionate football fans, the image of football fanatics in filled stadiums, holding banners, scarves, drums, flares and them chanting out songs comes vividly to mind. While the times we live in allow for limited access to stadiums, and pretty much less ongoing activity, there is still a world for die-hard fans. Below is a list of the 10 most passionate football fan bases today brought to you by football experts posting their football predictions on bettingsites.ng

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Movie ZG80 now available online with English subtitles

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Movie about Bad Blue Boys away trip to Belgrade back in 1989

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Five Most Successful Football Clubs in Europe

Europe is home to some of the most followed football clubs in the world. However, when reviewing the success of any club, a few things play significance. Note that sometimes even the richest club is not the most successful, especially if you factor in a club’s position in European football. In retrospect, the success of any club is measured on the premise of trophies won. To a punter looking to place a bet on a European club to win a treble this season, use this code to make your prediction easily and fast.

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The Five Most Shocking Moments in World Football History

Football is the most popular sport on the planet. More than a billion people compete in the sport on some level, and nearly twice that many watch every year. It is an exciting sport that is extremely competitive and enjoyed across the globe.

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A-League Most-watched Football Derbies


The game of football is always about thrill and excitement. Sometimes, however, things can get messy, especially when fans begin to throw tantrums at each other. Some of the world's most-watched football derbies have even ended in a loss of lives due to the unruly behaviour of fans. Argentina's football teams Boca Junior and River Plate are arguably the fiercest soccer rivals in the world. In 2018, the final leg of Copa Libertadores was played outside Argentina after River Plate fans attacked the Boca Junior team bus. At Football Whispers, you can find the latest news about the world's most-watched soccer derbies.

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Riots in Greece after march against police violence

greek hooligans riots

Riots in Greece

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Glasgow Rangers won their 55th title!

rangers champions 1

Scotland: Glasgow fans celebrates 

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Fans died in a traffic accident

fans car crash

Sad news from Colombia

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New t-shirts in Ultras-Tifo shop!


New shop arrivals!
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AEL hooligans attacked and burned Apollon fan club 14.02.2021

appolon vs ael

Cyprus: Total chaos in Limassol

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Are the Leeds fans headed back to Europe?

For the fans in England, having the most arrests at the end of the season is worn as a badge of honour. That prize went to Leeds United over the course of the 2019/2020 season as the West Yorkshire club racked up 52 arrests during their Championship-winning season. One might have thought that a party atmosphere would have descended over the club during a season where they blew all the competition out the water and in doing so keep the fans from fighting, and to a very large extent, it did.

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Grobari capo and his crew arrested for organized crime

velja nevolja1

Serbia: Big police action against criminals among Partizan fans

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PGwear Spring/Summer 2021 collection now available in Ultras-Tifo shop

t shirt anti media

Ultras-Tifo Shop: New PgWear collection has arrived!

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Australian A-League Football Round-Up

The Australian Football league was hit by Covid just like any other league around the world. So, 2019/2020 was cut short and ultimately won by Sydney FC. This season started in December as a winter start and the reigning champions are languishing in 8th although they have a game in hand which if they win could move them up into the top 3, depending on how other results go.

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In big clash between Corinthians and Palmeiras one fan died

palmeiras clash

Brazil: Big fight 30.01.2021

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Marseille ultras broke into the training ground and postponed match vs Rennes

marseille protest

France: Olympique Marseille fans protest 30.01.2021

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