Can fans finally fill entire football stadiums again?

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The German Bundesliga was one of the first to return from the international break and was one of the few leagues on the continent that brought their fans back to the stadiums. One of the reasons that betting on soccer is so popular is because the sport is so widespread. Many countries around the world play soccer and have multiple teams, making soccer a well-known sport in most countries around the world. Furthermore, analysis have shown that football fans place sports bets more often than fans of other sports.

You can finally place football bets again. There is no shortage of New Casinos in Germany also known as “Neue Casinos in Deutschland” in German Language, waiting to take your bet. For this reason, it is important to choose the right betting offer and you can finally go back to the stadium. In the days before the game, RB Leipzig published a set of rules that every viewer should adhere to. In addition to the usual advice on hygiene and physical distancing, the club explained its safety regulations in detail.

Wherever you watch a soccer game, one property never changes. That one quality is the passionate enthusiasm that all people have for the game of football. Regardless of what part of the world you are in, the passion for this sport remains the same. This passion, which can be seen in houses around the world, can also be felt in the stadium and on the pitch every match day.

A wonderful comeback

The stadium was divided into 15 sections, each with space for around 600 fans. Up to six people were allowed to sit next to each other. About five seats and at least two rows were left between these groups to ensure physical distance. The audience showed remarkable discipline. There was never really any doubt that the hosts would beat Mainz. After Leipzig's 3-1 lead at the beginning of the second half, the fans had enough time to get to the drinks stands, which had to be closed 15 minutes before the final whistle due to another of the dozen or so rules. While Forsberg and his teammates confidently passed the ball to each other, stadium announcer Tim Thoelke informed the audience that they should wait a few minutes after the game so that those near the exits could leave first. When a few hundred waited 10 minutes after the game, the Leipzig players marched through the arena and applauded those fans who were not present during the pandemic. In a way, it may have been a thank you for being disciplined and cooperative. All over the Bundesliga, fans were praised for sticking to the rules. Knowing full well that this could be the beginning of a path back to normal.

German Bundesliga Fans must be always aware of the safety protocols of the stadiums before planning to attend the matches. Fans purchasing tickets must provide a proof of vaccination, recovery of covid 19 test results or a negative test result that is not older than 48hours. Wearing of face masks is a must while moving around the vicinity of the stadium and only allowed to remove the masks when they are already on their seats. Tickets will be personalized to allow clubs to trace potential chains of infection.