Foggia ultras burned down the Taranto stadium

ste stadio erasmo fire

Italy: Stadium on fire

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New PGwear Autumn/Winter 2023 collection now available in Ultras-Tifo Shop


Ultras-Tifo Shop: New arrivals!

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RIOTS: Maribor - Fenerbahce 17.08.2023

maribor fener 1

Europa League: Match stopped for 33 minutes

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Widzew Łódź - ŁKS Łódź 12.08.2023

widzew lks 1

Poland: Derby of Łódź number 69

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BBB official statement after riots in Athens

 bbb no knife

News: Bad Blue Boys about situation in Athens

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Police arrested main suspect for murder of AEK fan, it's not Croat

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Latest news from Athens

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Bad Blue Boys 'like soldiers' in court 09.08.2023

dinamo bbb court athens

BBB in court

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Dinamo fans taken for DNA testing, latest information from Athens

aek dinamo zagreb hooligans update

Latest information from Greece

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Latest news from Athens after big riots in which one fan was killed

aek dinamo killed

Greece: Match postponed

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Fans establish new records at 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

While much of the attention at major tournaments is focused towards action on the pitch, no football event is complete without passionate support from the stands, given they always provide the colour and atmosphere surrounding matches. The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is certainly proving to be a great example, thanks to fans attending stadiums in huge numbers and smashing previous records.

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Bad Blue Boys came to Athens despite ban and clashed with AEK. One fan died

athens aek dinamo

Greece: Big riots, one AEK fan dead

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Tragic news from Poland as 1 supporter loses life in a fight

poland fight 1 dead

Poland: Machette used in a fight

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Shkupi - Levski, Levski fan stabbed in Skopje (Updated)

shkupi levski skopje

UECL: Fight in Skopje

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Top Five Derbies This August in Europe

Football matches can bring excitement, but nothing beats the derby game. Competitions like the Champions League and the Europa League may deliver some exhilarating matches, but nothing comes close to the derby! This kind of rivalry is nothing like your regular football match. Bad blood brews and crunching tackles are the order of the day. 

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The Largest Football Stadiums In Africa

africa stadium

Sports are a big thing in Africa, and if there is one sport you are sure to find in almost all of the continent, it is football. Magnificent stadia with first-class amenities and large capacity back the love for sports in the continent. Known for its vibrant and passionate fans, the continent has always produced some iconic sportsmen and women in different disciplines. In this piece, we look at some of the largest stadia across the continent.

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New Look, New Gear: Shop the Improved Ultras-Tifo!

ultras tifo shop new design // New collection online!

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40 Sutjeska fans will be charged for inappropriate chanting

vojvode niksic

Montenegro: 40 fans in trouble

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Fan Power: How Supporters Influence Club Decisions and Policies

Football fans are the lifeblood of the sport, infusing matches with passion, energy, and unwavering loyalty. Beyond their vocal support in the stands, fans possess a remarkable power to influence the decisions and policies of their beloved clubs. In a sense for the teams the fans are like a jackpot hit in Blackjack online. This article delves into the ways in which fan power has shaped the landscape of soccer, exploring the historical significance, modern methods, and notable examples of supporter influence on club governance.

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Panathinaikos - Olympiacos 15.06.2023

panathinaikos hooligans

Greece: Basketball final called off

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The Techniques of Betting on Football Transfers


The football transfer window is a highly anticipated time for fans, filled with excitement and the potential for significant player movements. However, it can also become tiresome or frustrating. 

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