Dinamo fans taken for DNA testing, latest information from Athens

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Latest information from Greece

Following updates from Athens:

» According to SDNA.gr, the knife used in the killing of Michalis was of the Karambit type, as seen in the photo.

» Yesterday, detained Croats were taken in several small groups for DNA testing, as the killer left traces on the deceased fan and is now being sought - information from both Greek and Croatian media.

» According to Croatian Dnevnik.hr, the police already have the killer's fingerprints, and it is allegedly a Greek citizen.

» 5 more Croats were detained last night while they were supposed to travel by boat to Italy, and from there, return to Croatia.

» The whereabouts of around 20 of those Croats who entered Greece remain unknown to the authorities. The information is contradictory regarding whether they are hiding or have managed to leave Greece.

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