Top 10 ultras news in 2023

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top 10 2023

Most read articles on our web site in year 2023

Another interesting year in the world of ultras is behind us. In the stands, we witnessed more than ever outstanding choreographies and pyrotechnic spectacles, but the most attention drawn to the fight before the AEK vs. Dinamo match, the confiscation of flags by Delije from Roma, and the brawl during the AZ Alkmaar vs. West Ham match.

This is top 10 ultras news list made by  number of clicks on our web site:

1. Delije stole flags from Fedayn Roma (71k)


2. Statement from AZ fans regarding the fight with West Ham (53k)


3. Bad Blue Boys came to Athens despite ban and clashed with AEK. One fan died (40k)


4. West Ham banned fans involved in viral video (34k)


5. Fight after AZ Alkmaar - West Ham United 18.05.2023 (32k)


6. Total chaos in Napoli before the Champions League match Napoli-Eintracht (31k)


7. Curva Nord Milano - Statement about Fedayn Roma & Delije (29k)


8. Bad Blue Boys 'like soldiers' in court 09.08.2023 (28k)


9. 1 Fan Hospitalized After Napoli - Roma Clash 08.01.2023 (25k)


10. Dinamo Zagreb - AEK Athens 15.08.2023 (24k)


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