The most popular games with football fans


The relationship between football clubs and casino sponsorships has a great history which has marked significant development in the world of sports and entertainment industries. The inception of football clubs sponsorships dates back to 20th century. It started with the local businesses sponsoring their local teams and later it expanded to big businesses. The sponsorships from casinos emerged as a ground breaking concept. It introduced new dynamics to sports marketing and fan engagement together.

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RIOTS: Eintracht Frankfurt - VfB Stuttgar 25.11.2023

eintracht frankfurt krawalle

Germany: Eintracht vs ACAB

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Black Friday Weekend in Ultras-Tifo Shop: All 20% Off

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RIOTS: Brazil - Argentina 22.11.2023

brazil argentina riots 1

World Cup Qualifications: Brutal police reaction

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RIOTS: Gresik United - Deltras Sidoarjo 19.11.2023

Gresik United vs Deltras Berujung Ricuh Suporter Bentrok dengan Polisi di Luar Stadion 840x493.jpeg

Indonesia: Gresik United fans vs police

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Fan Power: How Fans Helped Teams Win Football Matches

Whether you've felt that surge of excitement live in a stadium or through a screen, you've tasted the magic that makes football more than just a game: the fans.

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RIOTS: Chaos night in Sofia as massive ultras protest shakes the city

bulgarian ultras protest

Bulgaria: Bloody protest in Sofia

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Johnslots Writer Leanna Madding Tells Us Her Story As A Liverpool Supporter

Leanna Madding has been around Liverpool her whole life but has only recently become a fan.

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Malmö FF - Elfsborg 12.11.2023

malmo elfsborg 1

Sweden: MFF champions!

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RIOTS: St. Pauli - Hannover 96 10.11.2023

stpauli hannover 1

Germany: Hannover fans vs police

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RIOTS: FK Zemun - FK Rad 11.11.2023

zemun rad 1

Serbia: Match abandoned

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Betting on the Roar: Ultras' Influence on Football and Wagering

Without question, football is the most popular sport on Earth. Various people credit different aspects of this beautiful game as responsible for it capturing the hearts of billions around the globe, and we can debate these for days. But what we cannot debate is that around five billion individuals watch club and international football matches monthly, and the most ardent team supporters bear the name – ultras, meaning groups that have left an indomitable mark on the sport.

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The Best US Stadiums That People Should Visit

Screenshot 1

Sports have always been a big part of our lives. Whether you play a sport, or just enjoy watching them on TV, they have huge entertainment value.

And as with music or theatre, seeing your favourite source of entertainment live is always ten times better. Nothing beats the atmosphere and excitemen

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Marseille - Lyon postponed after OM fans attack on Lyon bus

marseille attack lyon

France: Lyon coach injured

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Croatian fans sentenced to 30 days in prison for singing an inappropriate song

croatia turkey

Croatia: Jailed Ultras

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Two Swedish football fans killed in Brusseles terrorist attack

belgium sweden

Belgium: Match abandoned

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Top Five Balkans Football Derbies

In the Balkans football is more than just a sport – it’s a way of life. This is most noticeable in the famous rivalries between Balkan football clubs. The animosities between the fans run deep and every time the rivals meet on the field, players are up for a big event and an exciting game.

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Asia's Largest Football Stadiums


Asia, with its diverse cultures and burgeoning economies, has become a major player in the world of sports. The construction of massive stadiums has not only allowed countries to showcase their prowess in hosting significant sporting events but also served as a reflection of their growth and development. 

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Members of the Bad Blue Boys (BBB) who had escaped Greece have now been arrested in Croatia

levski sofia ultras

Croatia: More BBB arrested

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Cipolletti - Sansinena 09.09.2023

Cipolletti Sansinena 1

Argentina: Match interrupted due to fire!

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