Big riots after Santos got relegated for the first time in their 111-year history

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santos riots

Brazil: Santos on fire

Fans of the Santos football club rioted on the streets of Santos after the team was relegated to the second division of the Brazilian championship. On Thursday, the team left the top division of the Brazilian Championship for the first time in history, finishing in 17th place at the end of the season. Santos, for which Pele and Neymar previously played, are eight-time national champions.

Even before the end of the match of the last round of the Brazilian Serie A against Fortaleza (1:2), fans threw stones and other objects at police in the Vila Belmiro area, where the home stadium of Santos is located. Law enforcement officials responded with stun grenades and tear gas.

After the match, the riots continued, with fans setting buses and cars, garbage cans, signs and buildings on fire. Helicopters and military police cavalry were called in to beef up security. The number of victims or detainees has not been specified.