The Football Video Games You've Probably Forgotten About

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 hooligans storm over eruope

In the expansive world of video games, there are certain treasures that often slip through the cracks of our gaming memories. While the FIFA and PES franchises have long been the undisputed champions of football gaming, there exists a realm of forgotten titles that once offered unique experiences and perspectives on the sport. From managing hooligan factions to exploring alternative football universes, these overlooked games provide a fascinating journey into the annals of virtual football. As we delve into "The Football Video Games You've Probably Forgotten About," let's not only reminisce but also discover how these hidden gems contributed to the diverse history of the genre.


1. Hooligans: Storm Over Europe

Our exploration begins with "Hooligans: Storm Over Europe," a daring real-time strategy game released in 2002 by Darxabre. This title takes players into the controversial world of football hooliganism, allowing them to lead their own factions through street fights and riots. While not a mainstream success, "Hooligans" remains noteworthy for its audacious exploration of a rarely discussed aspect of the sport.

2. Sensible World of Soccer

A classic that may have slipped from the forefront of gaming consciousness is "Sensible World of Soccer." Developed by Sensible Software and released in the early '90s, this game provided a unique top-down perspective of the football pitch. Combining fast-paced gameplay with extensive team databases and a distinctive management mode, "Sensible World of Soccer" played a crucial role in shaping the football simulation genre.

3. This Is Football Series

While FIFA and PES continue to dominate, the "This Is Football" series by SCE Studios Soho aimed to offer an alternative and genuine football experience. Despite positive reviews for its realistic gameplay mechanics, the series struggled commercially, eventually fading into relative obscurity. Yet, these games stand as a testament to the pursuit of authenticity in football gaming.

4. Red Card Soccer

For those seeking an arcade-style departure from traditional football simulations, "Red Card Soccer" by Midway Games provided an adrenaline-fueled alternative in 2002. Infusing football with combat elements, the game allowed players to execute outrageous moves and tackles. While it may not have achieved widespread recognition, "Red Card Soccer" serves as a reminder of the creative possibilities when developers venture beyond conventional sports gaming boundaries.

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