Hansa Rostock - Hamburg 17.02.2024

hansa hsv 0

Germany: New protests against DFL.

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1.FC Union Berlin - VFL Wolfsburg 10.02.2024

union woflsburg

Germany: Protest against DFB

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Vasco da Gama - Flamengo 04.02.2024

vasco flamengo fight

Brazil: Two dead after a fight

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The Social Aspect of Crypto Sports Betting: Connecting Fans Worldwide

The introduction of cryptocurrencies has changed sports betting in many ways. The two work great together as the features that come with using crypto to bet make sports betting faster, safer, and fairer. Crypto has also brought a social aspect to sports betting that changed the game and made it more communal.

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Elland Road Atmosphere Can Be Key To Leeds’ Promotion Push


After the disappointment of relegation on the final day of the Premier League last season, Leeds United’s loyal followers are hoping the Whites can return to the head table of English football at the first time of asking.

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Presentation of German Stadiums for Euro 2024

signal iduna

Ten ultramodern Bundesliga 2 and Bundesliga arenas in Germany will serve as the host nation for this year's UEFA European Championship, which promises to display the summer game of the world spectacularly. bundesliga.com showcases the stadiums together with their amazing features.

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TOP 3 TIFO Actions in 2023

top 3 tifo actions 2023

Best ultras actions in 2023

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Top 10 ultras news in 2023

top 10 2023

Most read articles on our web site in year 2023

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The Football Video Games You've Probably Forgotten About

 hooligans storm over eruope

In the expansive world of video games, there are certain treasures that often slip through the cracks of our gaming memories. While the FIFA and PES franchises have long been the undisputed champions of football gaming, there exists a realm of forgotten titles that once offered unique experiences and perspectives on the sport. From managing hooligan factions to exploring alternative football universes, these overlooked games provide a fascinating journey into the annals of virtual football. As we delve into "The Football Video Games You've Probably Forgotten About," let's not only reminisce but also discover how these hidden gems contributed to the diverse history of the genre.

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The Passionate World of Football Ultras: Uncovering the Culture, Loyalty, and Challenges

Welcome to the electrifying realm of football ultras, where passion knows no bounds and loyalty runs deeper than the veins of the sport itself. In this article, we embark on a journey to unravel the enigmatic world of football ultras – a subculture within the global footballing community that is as captivating as it is often misunderstood. These devoted fans, known as ultras, are the heartbeat of their clubs, infusing stadiums with unparalleled energy and devotion. Here, we delve into the depths of their culture, exploring the unique rituals, chants, and attire that set ultras apart. We'll witness their unwavering loyalty to their beloved teams, which transcends mere fandom and approaches a sacred commitment. Yet, as we navigate this passionate landscape, we cannot ignore the challenges and controversies that have shrouded ultras, from incidents of hooliganism and fan violence to their involvement in politics. Join us as we navigate this exhilarating world, seeking to understand the fervor, camaraderie, and complexities that define football ultras.

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Top 5 Most Savage Football Matches of All Time


Although football is occasionally suited to Pele's renowned quote, "the beautiful game", it is not always so captivating and pleasant to observe.

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What is Making Villa Park Such a Fortress for Aston Villa?

When they defeated Arsenal 1-0 and in their latest win at Villa Park, Aston Villa extended their winning run at home in the Premier League to 15 matches. Their stretch of consecutive victories in front of their home supporters began in March and it's spanned across nine months.

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Top 3 International Payment Systems

Before making a financial transaction, you should make sure of two things: reading the terms of use and taking advantage of the best possible payment system. The first is easy to do because every operator that offers an online service clearly states its terms of use. For example, by reading Vegas kazino bonus terms, you can easily learn everything you need to know about the promotion you will use. For the latter, you may need some help, as the payment systems are so numerous, and learning the differences between them may not be easy. To make this job easier, we are listing the best international payment systems below and talking about their main features.

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Football in Turkey suspended until further notice

turkish football suspended

Turkey: Attack on referee

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Fans banned from attending matches in Greece until February

Greece: Fans banned from stadiums

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Away fans banned from Anderlecht-Standard de Liège until 2025

standard anderlecht

Belgium: Clubs decision

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Big riots after Santos got relegated for the first time in their 111-year history

santos riots

Brazil: Santos on fire

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Nantes fan dies after being stabbed

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France: Tragic news

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RIOTS: Aston Villa - Legia Warsaw 30.11.2023

aston vila legia 1

Europa Conference League: Legia vs ACAB

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The most popular games with football fans


The relationship between football clubs and casino sponsorships has a great history which has marked significant development in the world of sports and entertainment industries. The inception of football clubs sponsorships dates back to 20th century. It started with the local businesses sponsoring their local teams and later it expanded to big businesses. The sponsorships from casinos emerged as a ground breaking concept. It introduced new dynamics to sports marketing and fan engagement together.

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