Boycott of Danish derby

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www.ultras-tifo.netBrøndby-supporters boycotted the derby.


Brøndby-supporters boycotted the Copenhagen derby Sunday 20.03.2011.

Reason behind this boycott is new ticket system with fingerprints to avoid trouble. Brøndby didn't get more than 1500 tickets, normally they get 3000 tickets for this derby. Instead of attending the derby they tried to give support to their players in other ways.


Saturday: 10am in the morning supporters met at the last training before the derby.



Sunday: 12am supporters gave their last support for the players before they headed to the place where FCK play.

"Brøndbyfans against fingerprints"




The Unity from Borussia Dortmund gave their support to Brøndby-supporters.


One year ago, 14.03.2010. "Brann" visited the derby with Brøndby-supporters.
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