Polish speedway in April and May

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www.ultras-tifo.netReport from last rounds of Polish Speedway 2012.


Report from last rounds of Polish Speedway 2012.

Earlier we gave you report from the first rounds of speedway this year (click here), now we continue with the last rounds.



Stal Gorzów - Falubaz Zielona Góra 13.05.2012
Capacity: 16.000 (800 away fans)

There was big mobilization before the match. And the real supporters, called Ultras had an appointment in the city near the bridge, but far away from the stadium. We met up 3 hours before the match, and within 1000 people we came to the match with lots of flares, smoke bombs, and bombs. Walking and singing to the stadium, to our stadium.

Before the match we met the other fans, but nothing happened as there was not many of them. Police came fast. And the match begun. After half match, we were informed that one of the speed racers died in last match. 16.000 people were singing his name. Everyone agreed to continue the match, with no supporting, the flags were taken down. Some of our fans, and opposite team fans wanted to exit the match as we couldn't watch the match after this accident but police stopped us and used gas.



Apator Torun - Polonia Bydgoszcz - derby


Away fans:


Ostrovia Ostrów - Orze Lóds 22.04.2012 (2nd league)


Ostrovia Ostrów - Start Gniezno 13.05.2012 (2nd league)

Away fans


Wybrzeze Gdañsk - Polonia Bydgoszcz 22.04.2012


Wlókniarz Czêstochowa - Polonia Bydgoszcz 22.04.2012


Sparta Wroclaw - Wybrzeze Gdañsk 6.05.201


Sparta Wroclaw - Stal Gorzów 3.05.2012


Start Gniezno- GKM Grudziadz 06.05.2012 (2nd league)