Polish speedway 2012 started

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www.ultras-tifo.netPolish Ultras attend Speedway!


Polish Ultras attend Speedway!


Speedway are one of the most famous sports in Poland. It's all about motorcycle and has nothing to do with any ball sports. But still many Polish Ultras go to stadiums to support their clubs in this sport.

The 2012 season has just started and we decided to collect some fresh photos & videos from the first rounds of Speedway in Poland.


Photos & Videos:

Unia Leszno - Wlokniarz Czestochowa
Capacity: 10.000 (800 away fans)



Start Gniezno - Orzel Lodz (2nd league - 45 away fans)



Stal Gorzów - Apator Toruñ
Capacity: 14.000 (150 away fans)




Wybrzeże Gdansk - Stal Rzeszów
Capacity: 10.000??? (15/25 away fans)



Polonia Bydgoszcz - Falubaz Zielona Góra (900 away fans)



Apator Toruñ - Wybrze¿e Gdañsk  15.04.2012


Apator Toruñ - Wybrze¿e Gdañsk