Best of Partizan 2011/2012

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Season review: Partizan (Serbia) 2011/2012

Grobari are supporters of the Belgrade football club Partizan Belgrade. They are one of two major football fan groups in Serbia. They generally support all clubs within the Partizan Sports Society.
The group as a whole traditionally maintains good relations with the Greek PAOK football club supporters Gate 4,and Russian PFC CSKA Moscow. First groups of organized Partizan fan supporters began to visit the JNA stadium in the late 1950s. they occupied southern stands of the stadium. Grobari name was formed in 1970. and during the following decade, as well as all over Europe, Grobari started bringing fan equipments to the stadiums such as flares, supporting scarfs, transparent and flags (in the late 70's), which gave a whole new aspect to the sport club supporting.
This season, the bickering within the group to create a new group called "Forbidden" (serbian "Zabranjeni"). They are in the eastern stand. Also, they are against the club management.

During this season there was a huge conflict between the groups of Partizan, resulted in one supporter from "Forbidden" were killed.



Partizan - Shkendia (Qualify for CL, result 4:0) P.S. we did not get tickets for the rematch


Training befor match vs Genk


Genk - Partizan (Qualify for CL, result 2:1)


Partizan - Genk (Qualify for CL, result 1:1)


Partizan - Novi Pazar (league, result 5:0)


Sloboda - Partizan (league, 2:1), group Forbidden


Partizan - Ofk Beograd (league). Group "Forbidden" protest.


Partizan - Hajduk Kula (league)


Novi Pazar - Partizan (cup, 0:3)


Vojvodina - Partizan (league) Full report here!


Partizan - Helios (basketball adriatic league)


Partizan - Spartak (league)


Partizan - Hemofarm (woman basketball)


Partizan - Effes (euroleague basket)


Partizan - Smederevo (league)
The conflict among the groups reached a climax. No one goes to football. They all go to the women's volleyball with Forbidden.


Partizan - Sloboda (woman basketball) Full report here!


Red Star - Partizan (league) Full report here!


East groups


Partizan - Maccabi (euroleague basket)


Partizan - Ribnica (volleyball)


Partizan - Vojvodina (woman basketball)


Partizan - Red Star (basketball cup final)


Novi Pazar - Partizan (league 2012)


Partizan - Sloboda (league)


Red Star - Partizan (cup 1/2finals) Full report here!


Group "Forbidden"


Partizan - Vojvodina (league)


Partizan - Red Star (cup 1/2 finals) Full report here!


Partizan - Red Star (league) Full report here!

In this match there was a fight among supporters of Partizan and AC Milan supporters who came to see the match. You can read more here!


East side


Radnicki - Partizan (league)


East side


Berane - Partizan (friendly game)



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