Montpellier - Champions of France

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www.ultras-tifo.netPhotos & videos from last match and celebrations!


Photos & videos from last match and celebrations!


Sunday he last match were played this season against Auxerre. Motpellier won and could finally celebrate as champions of France! Montpellier HSC have never won the league before, and it's very impressive considering it is an low budget club if you compare them with some of the other clubs. Example PSG who get tons of money from Qatar owners.


Auxerre - Montepellier 20.05.2012:


At the same time in their city:



Supporters of Auxerre protested due to relegation:


In the end police chased the Ultras out of stadium:



They after the match supporters of Montpellier continued their party:



Last home match, Montpellier vs Lille. You can see full report here!