Lyon - Marseille 17.12.2017

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Lyon OM 33

France: 30th anniversary of Bad Gones!

Impressive show when the legendary ultras group Bad Gones celebrated 30 years yesterday!

Two choreo's were displayed along with a beautiful pyro show. 

At the end of the match, players walked towards the tribune of Bad Gones with a banner and some flares. Great gesture by the players!

The club added the Bad Gones logo on the official shirt for this match.

Lyon OM 36


Before this match, Bad Gones also made a spectacular show in the city with firework and flares.


During this year Bad Gones has displayed choreography's in nearly every match related to their 30th anniversary. When on tour they travel with a very simple old school banner "BG 87". Below we collected some photos from 2017 and we must say, what they deliver this year is very impressive!



Lyon OM 5

Lyon OM 6

Lyon OM 1

Lyon OM 2

Lyon OM 33

Lyon OM 3

Lyon OM 4

Lyon OM 31

Lyon OM 32

Lyon OM 34

Lyon OM 35


Photos from 2017, sorted by new to old:

Caen - Lyon

Lyon OM 7

Lyon - Lille

Lyon OM 8

Nice - Lyon

Lyon OM 9

Lyon - Limassol

Lyon OM 10

Lyon - Montpellier

Lyon OM 11

Lyon - Everton

Lyon OM 12

Lyon - Metz

Lyon OM 13

Troyes - Lyon

Lyon OM 14

Everton - Lyon

Lyon OM 15

Lyon - Monaco

Lyon OM 16

Angers - Lyon

Lyon OM 17

Lyon - Dijon

Lyon OM 18

Lyon OM 19

Lyon - Guingamp

Lyon OM 20

Lyon - Bordeaux

Lyon OM 21

Rennes - Lyon

Lyon OM 23

Lyon - Strasbourg

Lyon OM 24

Lyon  -Nice

Lyon OM 25

Lyon - Ajax

Lyon OM 26

Lyon - Monaco

Lyon OM 27

Lyon - Besiktas

Lyon OM 28

Lyon - Roma

Lyon OM 29

Lyon - Marseille

Lyon OM 30