Ferencváros - Debrecen 04.11.2017

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Hungary: The return of Ferencvaros ultras!

After years in boycott due to special ID cards that were required for them, Ferencvaros ultras has finally returned to their stadium. The special cards that have to be scanned on entrance are still required for ultras leaders and any other 500 fans, but the rest now can enter stadium without special control. Ban system on Groupama Arena stadium will now be more democratic (the fan can't be banned just because he doesn't agree with club politic, for  example). Also, the stadium security now must be legal by Hungarian laws (no more ex hooligans-mercenaries). Important agreement in return is that politic has to stay outside tribunes.

Removing ID card on Groupama Arena will also help a lot for away fans, so we now can expect the coming in much bigger numbers.

At the half time of the match vs Debrecen, Halhatatlanok='Kubatov boys' (crew that didn't boycott and got money to support from the owner) ex-capo attacked two Ferencváros ultras in the buffet with knife. After that Fradi hools/ultras beat him brutally.

With the return of the ultras it was the first time that the new Groupama Arena was full in the league match (cca 23 000)!

Soon, we'll bring you interview with one of the Fradi ultras capo where he explains a lot more about their come back.