Nice action by Bad Blue Boys in 2005

Want to buy pyrotechnics? Visit Remember Dinamo Zagreb - Hajduk Split in 2005?


Dinamo Zagreb - Hajduk Split 11.09.2005.

Remember this match? Perhaps one of the better pyro-shows done by Bad Blue Boys. Great movie has just been published, it show making of the big "Bad Blue Boys" banner and lot of great clips from the pyro-show during the match. Throwing flares on the pitch was protest because police forbid BBB choreography and flags. Narrator voice in the video is policeman who talk how they will stop hooligans, pyro... bla bla bla, BBB showed them ;)


Enjoy some minutes with real Ultra Style!




Unfortunately we might not see actions like this for a while. In 2010 BBB protested against the Club Board, and for the 2010/2011 season they have a full boycott of all home and away matches. It doesn't help with all the new "Supporter laws" the Croatian government recently came with...