Levski Sofia - CSKA Sofia 19.12.2013

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www.ultras-tifo.netBulgaria: Third Sofia derby in 2 months!

Bulgaria: Third Sofia derby in 2 months!

Only 9000 fans attended this derby (third time they meet during two months). For some strange reason the Bulgarian FA decided kick off to be 4pm local time on a working day (Thursday). They could easily played this match on Saturday since the football league already took winter break.

This was also the second match between Levski and CSKA in the cup. First match ended 0-0, same with this match. But Levski won 7-6 on penalties.


Match started with banners from both set of fans.

Main banner from Levski say "We are Levski, and who you are, we decide" (message to CSKA).

Second half was very good, first CSKA fans had their pyro show with good combination of different pyrotechnics, right after Levski fans started their pyro show.

Total of 33 arrested fans today.



Levski Sofia:





CSKA Sofia:



Source: ultras-bulgaria.net


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