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www.ultras-tifo.netLegal pyro show in Norway!

Legal pyro show in Norway!

All over the world we have seen Ultras displaying text on banners and flags such as "Legalize pyro", Pyro is not a crime" and so on.

Well, in Norway pyro is no longer a crime!

Norwegian football fans united and worked together for better rules according to pyrotechnics in Norwegian stadiums. After a long fight with the Football Federation supporters and federation finally agreed.

Supporter groups can now ask for permission to light flares, strobos and smokebombs on the stands, in middle of the crowds! There is still rules to be followed and fines will be given if those rules are broken, but this is really an surprising development for the Norwegian scene.

What we all want but never thought will happen, just happend in Norway. Pyro is no longer a crime!


Photos & Videos:

Banner means "In the darkens of night the football city Drammen shine".




One weekend before this match SK Brann supporters also had a legal pyro show, you can see video here: