Photo: Radnicki Valjevo - Loznica 02.10.210

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www.ultras-tifo.netRadnicki Valjevo - Loznica 02.10.2010, 4th Divison in Serbia!


Derby of 4th division, western Serbia. Radnicki Valjevo vs Loznica (02.10.2010)

Some short info:
Main group from Radnicki Valjevo is Divlja Telad.

Their club is very poor and had very bad jerseys with strange club colors. The Ultras-group collected money and bought a new set of jerseys to the team, and printed their ultras-logo on the chest of the jersey. At one away match players entered the pitch with old jerseys. Lads from Divlja Telad invaded the pitch, took the players back to the locker room and made them change jersey before the match could start.


Main group of Loznica is Solunci.


Photos from the match:

(Instead of worry about or club falling apart, our president want to put us in jail)


Away supporters:


Match ended 0:1