Djurgårdens IF - IFK Norrköping 21.07.2013

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www.ultras-tifo.netSWEDEN: Djurgårdens first match in new arena.

SWEDEN: Djurgårdens first match in new arena.


All three biggest clubs in Stockholm got new stadiums this season. First out was AIK, who now play in the national arena "Friends Arena" (See report from first match here).

Both Hammarby and Djurgården also moved to new stadium now, they both share Tele2 Arena.

Djurgården were suppose to play at Tele2 Arena in June, but supporters from Hammarby planted a bomb at the stadium and the match were canceled. In that way Hammarby could be the first club playing in the new arena, which they consider as their home and not Djurgårdens home.

Two days ago Hammarby got their first match in Tele2 Arena, report can be seen here.

Yesterday Djurgårdens had their first match in new arena.


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IFK Norrköping:

Over 2000 away fans. 28 buses drove from Norrköping to Stockholm, about 160km.