Rijeka - Dinamo 05.05.2013

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Armada Rijeka 26th birthday celebration.


CROATIA: Rijeka - Dinamo Zagreb 05.05.2013


Armada (Rijeka ultras group) celebrated their 26th birthday on this match. Great choreo any pro.

Guests from Zagreb (Bad Blue Boys) came in good number, had many messages  and nice pyro.



"Everything that makes us for 26 years"
1 - group, 9 - country, 8 - club, 7 - city

R.I.P. message for their friend from tribune.




Messages for military action "Bljesak" from year 1995.

R.I.P. message for Ivan Turina (AIK and ex-Dinamo goalkeeper)

"Greeting from black list!"

Black list is list of banned BBB from Dinamo stadium.