Milwall fans fighting during match with Wigan

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ENGLAND (FA CUP): Milwall - Wigan 13.04.2013

We are not sure what caused this fight, but below videos you can read what one Milwall fan wrote on our forum.

"One word to describe that game. Madness.

All I can say is I saw lots of what was going on. It all kicked off after Wigan got their second goal. Then after that it just went mad on that corner of the ground. And when I mean it went mad , it went REALLY mad!

At first, the punches started flying amongst fans in that corner of the ground. It turned into a mass brawl. A couple of minutes in, the old bill came in to break it up. Out of the blue, that group stopped punching each other and turned on the old bill. The old bill then ran away back into the tunnel. They simply got scared as they are more used to their technology and cameras instead of the old hands on approach. Then for 10 minutes straight, it again went off amongst fans in that corner. The punches were getting thrown were non-stop for that whole time. Then the old bill returned and started to bash anyone with their batons.

Now for the causes of what happened. As for other firms present, I can't confirm that West Ham or Chelsea were there but I noticed that one of the brawlers appeared to have a Palace tattoo when he took off his top. Also as a whole lot of us were shouting at that group to stop fighting (we don't like seeing Millwall fans fighting other Millwall fans), one guy who I see at The Den now and then was adamant that West Ham was there. How true that was I don't know but what disgusted me was that there was little kids were getting caught up in it. As I got out of the stadium after the match, I saw a man lying in a pool of blood and I was told he was West Ham. I don't know how true is that was but guy was in a real bad way with his head split open.

Around the stadium after the game as I was starting to make my way home, I got talking to an old boy who gave me another story. He told me that he saw a kid getting tripped up by some coked-cunt and someone with that kid squared up to the bully boy and the brawl started from there. But one thing we both agreed on is that there were a number faces there that we have not seen at The Den before. Not regular basis anyway.

I can honestly tell you lot, I can't give you a proper reason why all that happened. Not for the time being anyway. All I know is that we will be in the shit for this. I can go on and on but I am so knackered, I will talk more tomorrow. All I know is them media cunts are going to have a field day with this.

Millwall. No one likes us. We don't care! I fucking love this club! "