In memory 14.02.2000 Dinamo Zagreb

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Thsi was one of the biggest day in history of Bad Blue Boys


On Valentine's day 2000 their club got back his name - DINAMO. After 9 years fighting with politic, government, club and police Dinamo supporters finally got their club back.

For those who don't know this story, we will paraphrase in short.

After Homeland war in which Croatia got independence, first Croatian president Franjo Tuđman decided to have one big football club that would be famous in Europe. Dinamo Zagreb was big club from capital city, but he didn't like his name. For him Dinamo was communist name and he firstly changed name to "HAŠK-Građanski (combination of two old football clubs in Zagreb), but soon changed to "Croatia".

Bad Blue Boys and other Dinamo supporters didn't like that and start 9 years long and hard war for name "Dinamo".

Dinamo was a symbol of Croatian struggle against communist regime in Yugoslavia and dream of Croatian freedom, so people wanted it back.

It's hard to describe all what was going during these years, Bad Blue Boys had very hard time. Franjo Tuđman was most powerful man in country, so police, secret services and everybody was against Bad Blue Boys. He was also club president.

They were not allowed to bring banners and scarves with name "Dinamo" on their own stadium. Few times they managed to smuggle banner "Dinamo svetinja" (Dinamo sanctity) but police brutally attacked them and tried to take that banner, but without success. They started boycott of home matches. That banner is still live and you can see it on every match.

One of the most interesting action BBB done in that time was burning ceremonial lounge on stadium.

In Decemeber 1999 Franjo Tuđman died and his political party lost on elections.

On club assembly 14th February Dinamo finally got his name back. Many supporters were outside and waiting to hear good news. You can watch video from official BBB dvd.

Today Bad Blue Boys are again in fight with one man who treat club like his private toy.

Valentine's day 2000 video:

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