Hannover 96 - Dynamo Dresden 31.10.2012

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www.ultras-tifo.netGerman cup: Riot, pyro and pitch invasion!


German cup: Riot, pyro and pitch invasion!

Fans of Dynamo Dresden were given then whole south stand in Niedersachsenstadion at this match and came with 8000 - 10 000 supporters.

When Dynamo's corteo arrived at stadium fans tried to storm the gates, that started a riot with police who already wore their riot gear.

Some minor riots also evolved in front of the home stands. The home fans also stormed the stadium and tried to reach dynamo outside the stands and also inside the stadium. Pyro was shot but in the end Hannover couldn't get all the to the away sector, because police arrived quickly.

When match started both Hannover and Dynamo supporters had a great pyro-show. Also little bit pyro during the match.

When match finished few hundred Dynamo supporters invaded the pitch to talk with their players. Supporters were clearly not satisfied with the result. Riot police arrived quick again and supporters ran back to their stand.


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Source: www.bultras.net