Banik Ostrava - GKS Katowice 13.10.2012

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www.ultras-tifo.netCelebration of friendship with lot of choreo's!


Celebration of friendship with lot of choreo's!

What a show!

Banik Ostrava (Czech Republic) and GKS Katowice (Poland) supporters have been friends for 16 years now.

In September 2006 they celebrated 10 years friendship with a fantastic show in Katowice, Poland. You can see pictures here.

This year Banik Ostrava celebrate 90 years and their Polish friends wanted to take part in this celebrating.

During the match both set of fans showed many different chores. After some time they started to walk towards each others and met in middle of the main stand. Really great show and a really good friendship.


Photos & Videos:





6 years ago when they celebrated 10 years as friends:


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