Saint-Etienne - Sochaux 15.09.2012

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www.ultras-tifo.netFrance: Magic fans finally back in Kop Nord!


France: Magic fans finally back in Kop Nord!

After one year in a small part of the stadium Magic Fans could finally enter Kop Nord again after the Kop has been rebuilt.

Good atmosphere and very good activity from Green Fans during this match!



Magic Fans corteo:



Magic fans in new Kop Nord:

Without you (North Kop), Geoffroy (stadium) doesn't taste the same.

We are the loyal companions of a club which became a legend.

In jail for a false testimony
When is the death penalty for ULTRAS?
(You can read more here!)

LFP (French Football League) : our flares for your advertising
IDS (interdiction of Stadium) for your credibility

It's now the Green Angels which are without their South Kop (under construction).

JPP in paradise, the green angels say good bye to you
Support for BU

Do you want England...
You will have Argentina!

Support Saint-Etienne is not a crime
Destroy the life of an innocent is
(You can read more here)

Difficult end months...easy denouncement

After Stand Up...the Gestapo.
Is the management of good family father? (in reference to a sentence from Saint-Etienne president)

Football on Saturday for living stadiums

Tessier : you have given us your word. We want acts!


Away fans: