Protest against Supporters Cards

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Ultras(Italy) Protest gainst Supporters ards.


At a rally organized by students against the Italy’s Interior Minister, Roberto Maroni, in Bologna, some ultras elements showed up to protest against the supporter’s card (tessera del tifoso).
During the protest some incidets occured, 2 policemen injured, 1 ultras arrested but for only a couple of minutes.


The Supporters card:
The Internal minister, Roberto Maroni, announced this summer the supporters Card. From 1st January 2010 everybody who go on away trips must have this card. 

1) The "tessera del tifoso" is an official card created directely from the minister. The meaning is to make everybody who travel as "offical supporters" of the team. It is just like a credit card, and will substitute the tickets.

2) The chief of the local police will give out this card, he will also decide if you can get it or not.

3) All supporters banned from 1989 and until now will not be allowed to get tesera (the card), so none of these supporters will be allowed to travel and follow their team from 1st January 2010!
In fact: You will actually be punished again for something you did 20 years ago, and already taken the punishment for long time ago!

In 1999, after death of 4 guys on a train during a travel in Piacenza, the president of the Italian football association said: "In the future supporters will only be allowed to see away matches on TV"
After 10 years it sadly look like this will happen.
Since 1989 around 1000-2000 supporters recived different kinds of bans during a season, you can then imagine how many good lads that wont be allowed to get this card.

Protest by Torino and Juventus Ultras.
About a month ago the federation organized a press conference to show the media the infamous "Tessera Del Tifoso".
About 300 Tonino and Juventus ultras organized a blitz to protest against ultras repression and modern football system, and they tried to force the entrance of the hotel hosting the national team players and staff.


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