Rijeka - Slaven Belupo 06.05.2012

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Armada, Rijeka ultras group, celebrated 25th birthday.


CROATIA: Rijeka - Slaven Belupo 06.05.2012

Armada, Rijeka ultras group, celebrated 25th birthday.


"Without Armada life has no meaning"

"Rijeka is our life for 25 years"

"Stay in the league on this way?!?
Celebration with you??! No, thanks!"

In 87th minute Rijeka supporters in sign of protest left stadium. Their club is in zone of relegation to 2nd league, but club from 2nd league which is in place to change them suddenly didn't got papers for license to play in first league becasue of some financial issues.  This is nothing new in Croatian football, money and inflence is more important than sport results. All Croatian ultras fight against Football mafia and this is great move by Armada, even if it would mean that they will be for the first time in 20 years play in 2nd league.