Football for Fans!

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Football For Fans

Football For Fans
is a protest in Belgum.

Here you have photos
And info about it!



Football For Fans is an ossociation, in which more than 20 groups participate. From first division, up to the fourth.
It's a protest against the decision to play at Christmas, and to reorganize the competition (play-offs).

Equal prices for the same places
- the same prices for every group (in Belgium, clubs can take higher prices 5 times each season)
- always places without any seats (where you can just stand, don't know the term in English)
- equal prices for home and away fans
- the fans must be aware of the number and the price of the places in advance

Uniform Internal Stadium Regulations
- Equal laws for all of the fans, especially taking in account the fanatic fans
- Away fans cannot be disadvantaged, UNIFORM regulations in each stadium
- At the start of the competition, the regulations have to be known

Against competition reorganization
- No play-offs
> After the 'normal' competition, the fan is forced to spend even more money for an extra season ticket or for some more tickets for this 'top games'. The "fan" who watch these games on tele feels happy about this, but the real fan doesn't.
> The tension about the first 30 competition games is lost.
> Small teams don't have the funds to play 50 games at a year, and don't want to play 20 more games, just to have a remote possibility on playing European Football.
> The soccer fan doesn't want difficult calculations and unfair round offs to calculate the total points.

- No soccer at Christmas. That doesn't fit into the tradition of the Belgian soccer. They don't take the fans into account who have other priorities in that period --> only in function of the TV
- The tradition of over 100 years of Belgian soccer is wasted by a decision of a few individuals.
- The gap between first and second devision becomes even bigger than before.

Fans > TV
- No unnecessary combi-arrangement (that's something where the away-fans have to go by busses to the stadium) for matches without any risk --> take the fans into account
- No matches on impossible houres and days --> take the fans into account who have to travel a long way
- No friday- and monday evening matches --> take the working fans into account

 Pictures (Perhaps more come later):


Chareloie (Storm Ultras):

Club Brugge (Blue Army):

Roeselare (Roslar Amry and Black Star Ultras):

KV Mechelen:


KV Mechelen (Malinwa Catholics):



Racing Genk:


Zulte Waregem (Colono Boys):





UR Namur:

UR Namur: