Ultras-tifo 4 years!

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 Ultras-Tifo is since 24.12.2008 four years old!

It all started with a little forum at Christmas 4 years ago. We tried to collect pictures of tifo and ultras all over the world.
First year was hard, few members and maybe only one post each day. Today we have more then 9300 members and at least 100 new posts each day! About a year ago we also got our website www.ultras-tifo.net up and running. That was a great step for us, and hopefully we can use that website to spread good articles about ultras. (Contact us with info, articles, interviews +++)

I want to thank the whole ultras-tifo crew for helping us to keep the forum under control. I also want to thank all our users for spreading their pictures and write us information about ultras.

Goal for next year is to be a even more serious forum, grow even more and be a better place for ultras to see whats going on in other worlds.

Freedom for all Ultras!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Ultras-tifo Crew