Panathinaikos - Olympiacos 15.06.2023

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Greece: Basketball final called off

In Greece, the basketball finals are underway, following a format where teams compete in a best-of-five series. During the fourth final, hosted by Panathinaikos, the match was abruptly halted when Panathinaikos fans engaged in unruly behavior, including throwing bottles, pyro, and various objects towards the Olympiakos bench.

At the time of the interruption, Olympiakos held a commanding 63-35 lead. The match remained suspended for over an hour, during which the home supporters continued to display disruptive conduct, damaging seats within the sports facility.

Ultimately, Olympiakos was declared the winner by official decision, securing a 3-1 lead in the series and reclaiming the title of Greek champions.



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