Military prosecution for fans

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From Egypt:
9 fans arrested!



Welcome to the Egyptian local league where you can smell the odor of modern football everywhere in the atmosphere, where you can find 9 teams out of 16 belonging to business companies and military facilities. We have been totally against that long time ago. And eventually here we go with 3 teams belonging to the army, police and the Egyptian marines we suffer from a bunch of soldiers and police men attending those teams as fans and supporters.

Last Friday was the game between one of those teams Talaa elgeish (The military advance guards) and Zamalek.The game ended with 1-0 defeat for Zamalek after a lot of wrong decisions for the referee which consequently ended in a mad Zamalek crowd insulting the referee and the Egyptian football association.

After the game had ended 2 fans where arrested inside the stadium while trying to take one of their banners without absolutely any reason. While the other cops went after Zamalek fans outside the Military college stadium (where the game was held).Zamalek fans passed the main road on the right side of the stadium, 2 cops passed the street and started to fight with the fans. A third one was trying to pass the street where a car came and hit him and till now we have not got any information whether he is alive or dead.

9 fans got arrested haphazardly outside the stadium even before the incident of the 3 other cops occur,
After the incident had occurred the 11 fans were moved to a military prison 2 of them left the prison in the same day (due to their age) while the other nine fans where accused of the following charges :
1- Insulting a minister.
2- Damaging military possessions on purpose.
3- Beating military cops during performing their duty.

The military prosecution will check the case of the 9 fans on Tuesday. The comment is yours.

Edit: CNN is now out with a article as well. Its in Arabic.
Click here to read it.

Written by Gar7y.