What Are the Three Fiercest Derbies in Premier League?

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Supporters of English football clubs are renowned for being loyal and loud when it comes to getting behind their team. They stick with their club through thick and thin.

The new 2022/23 Premier League campaign will be the 31st season in history. As we head into it, here's a look at what the three fiercest derbies will be in the league this year.

Midlands Derby (Aston Villa v Wolverhampton Wanderers)

Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers are two of the biggest teams in the Midlands and the most successful in the region over the last couple of decades. Matches between these two teams are always ferocious.

As it stands, Villa is odds-on at 5/6 in the football odds online for a top 10 finish next season, while Wolves are 2/1. As those odds suggest, there are unlikely to be many spaces separating the two teams so games between them are very important.

Wolves are shorter in the relegation odds at 5/1 for next season, with Villa as big as 11/1. A victory in the Midlands derby will help the respective club’s chance of survival and put a dent in their rival’s bid to avoid the drop.

Merseyside Derby (Everton v Liverpool)

There is just a park separating Everton and Liverpool football clubs, and it often depends on which side of the city you were born in when it comes to which team you support. In recent years, those who follow the red team (Liverpool) have had more to shout about. 

Some clubs describe the Merseyside Derby as being a friendly derby, but there is nothing friendly about how these supporters see each other. Many would rather win this game than see their team lift a trophy at the end of the season.

There have been more red cards in the Merseyside Derby than any other fixture in the Premier League. That says a lot about how the players at each club immediately buy into how important the match is.

North London (Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur)

Given how many professional football clubs there are in London, it is no surprise that there are several derbies in the capital. None are any bigger than the North London Derby between Arsenal and Tottenham.

The two sides first played each other in 1887, so this rivalry goes back a long way. In the Premier League today, both teams are competing for the same goal, which is the Premier League title, and if they can’t win that, secure a spot in the Champions League.

When Sol Campbell made the switch from Tottenham to Arsenal in 2001, it was a controversial move. The England international did not get a warm reception when he featured in an Arsenal shirt in the subsequent North London Derbies.

In recent years, games between these two clubs have produced a lot of goals. Last season, Arsenal beat Spurs 3-1 at the Emirates Stadium, while in the return fixture, Tottenham got revenge with a 3-0 success.

All three of the above derbies are worth looking out for the in 2022/23 Premier League campaign, as the fans of the respective teams make sure it is a great atmosphere in the stadiums.