Famous Barcelona’s Stadium to be Renamed Spotify Camp Nou

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The world of sports has always witnessed groundbreaking news. Of course, fans are always eager to know the latest as this can impact their betting opportunities. By the way, you can find numerous betting tips and news on onlinekladionice.com. So, what is the latest news about the famous Barcelona Stadium?

A few months after Daniel Ek, the Swedish billionaire founder attempted to buy Arsenal, a major news piece broke out in the sports world. Barcelona’s renowned stadium will be renamed Spotify Nou Camp, thanks to the LaLiga giants closing a sponsorship deal worth £237 million. 

That means that come 2022-2023 seasons, Barcelona may play in the Spotify Nou Camp. The sponsorship deal has two significant components to it. First, the stadium naming rights are included in the deal signed with the music platform, Spotify Nou. 

Second, the team will have their shirts branded with the music platform brand and icon throughout the three-season deal. The report suggests that the music platform will become the primary sponsor of men’s and women’s training kits. They will also possess access rights to Camp Nou for three years.

Barcelona Sponsorship Deals so Far

Suffice to mention that Barcelona has never had any sponsorship branding on their shirts until sometime in 2006. In 2006, it partnered with the charity organization, Unicef, and that was the first time a brand will appear on its shirts. 
In 2011, the sports team broke its tradition of no-sponsorship branding when it signed a deal with Qatar Foundation, which later became Qatar Airways. The relationship between the duos ended in 2017. Not long after, Barcelona signed a season deal with Rakuten for 55million Euros. 

Since the deal with Rakuten came to an end, the club has reviewed different options available to it. While Nou Camp’s financial crisis cannot be swept under the rug, the LaLiga giants have consistently attracted enormous commercial interest. 

Polkadot and VeganNation were two heavyweight brands that were named to likely work with the football club. Both companies offered Barcelona the biggest sponsorship package totaling more than £67 million. However, Barcelona was already on the verge of signing off a kit sponsorship deal with Spotify. 

This agreement comes a few months after Daniel Ek, the owner of Spotify, tried to purchase Arsenal from Stan Kroenke. Daniel Ek was prepared to purchase the club for £2 billion after his first offer of £1.8 was rejected but Kroenke declined the transaction.

Is Barcelona the First to Accept Stadium Sponsorship Deal?

Well, the truth is that Barcelona is not the first team; neither will it be the last, to accept a stadium sponsorship deal. Thanks to the huge money involved, this sponsorship proposition has become very attractive to football clubs. 
It is of interest to mention that Besiktas signed a 15-year sponsorship deal that expires in 2028 with Vodaphone Park for £105 million. The deal gives the brand a naming right for its company name in the club’s stadium. It also includes having the brand name of the company on the training kits and shirts of the team. 

Manchester City stadium was another club that agreed to a rebranding proposition from Etihad where the stadium was rebranded as the Etihad Stadium. The money involved in this massive deal was £400 million. The sponsorship deal gave the organization naming rights for a first phase deal of ten years.