Football excitement

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An important part of any sport is excitement. It is a quality that helps to overcome all the difficulties on the way to the cherished victory. Surely, without excitement, any competition would lose a significant part of its spectacular. It is everywhere in casino minsta insättning, in the stands watching a football game or even sitting at home on a cozy couch.


The importance of excitement

Often it happens that a person gives up and goes on the sidelines, excusing themselves, they say, I do not want. But in most episodes, this happens not because of lack of opportunities or strength, but as a result of a weak desire and sluggish incentive to join the game. It is necessary to look for ways to awaken excitement and the will to win, then the difficult goal will definitely be achieved. Thinking about it, excitement is one of the main attributes in terms of motivation. And not only in sports competitions, but also in a difficult situation in life, in a computer game, in casino tournaments, in the hobby of tourism, music and so on. Gambling, to some extent, is present in every person, so it's important to learn how to manage it. If this is not done, the lack of control can lead to negative results. In addition, it is a great cheerful, energizing and energizing body.

How does the excitement manifest itself?

For ardent football fans, every year is months of insomnia. The live broadcasts from the World Cup fall deep into the night, and fans have no choice but to put off sleep for afterwards and sit down to watch the long-awaited games on television. As doctors point out, watching late-night broadcasts is comparable to the stress the body experiences during long plane rides. Regular lack of sleep leads to real health problems, from unimportant appearance to neuroses and cardiovascular disease. It's a risk for people who suffer from chronic ailments, as well as those in responsible professions. Nevertheless, for fans, this resulting excitement is more than just a certain kind of emotion. The first and most important advice from the experts: by all means, find the time to get enough sleep. "On the eve of a late match, go to bed at 20-21 hours. And in order to feel awake in the morning, it is better not to drink alcohol and not to eat joy or grief. But is this easy to explain to people who are football fans? Probably not. And even though there may be problems, there is no stopping fans. It is not uncommon for fans to simply not be able to control not their own emotions, or entirely themselves, so they break their voices cheering for their favorite team, and undermine their health. The world media not once told how doctors treated fans who had heart attacks right in the stands of the stadiums. But doctors do not know exactly whether injuries at matches exacerbate chronic ailments, because such studies have not been conducted. There is also no answer to the question whether one should refuse to watch football because of illness. For sick people, experts advise measuring blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and if necessary take medication before viewing, and not to forget about their well-being even during the most exciting game.

Football emotions cure for moping

"The excitement of fans can be compared to the emotions a person experiences while bungee jumping, when he wins the jackpot at or when he tries an exotic dish," cites one of the top psychotherapists. That is what experts explain the phenomenon that the morning after the championship fans feel cheerful. Especially if they are satisfied with the outcome of the game. "Life is monotonous, and the championship becomes an emotional jolt. That's why the experience will only do us good," the expert believes. The powerful release of endorphins during the victories gives moments of genuine happiness, a good mood for the next day and even contributes to recovery from illnesses.

How to manage the excitement?

It's no secret that excessive gamblers can ruin relationships with others. Consequently, it is important to learn how to manage the excitement, because unrestrained emotions can have a very negative impact on well-being. As soon as you feel that you are losing control, immediately think about the possible consequences. For example, entering into a dispute with a person about a football match, try to calculate how it all will end. After all, quite a few gambling people, because of his nature, is in conflict with friends and family.

The benefits of gambling

By and large, gambling is a manifested emotion on the way to the goal, so it can bring considerable benefit. Especially in cases where a person looks at the world with the eyes of a pessimist and not confident in his abilities. Plus, the presence of excitement has a direct relation to the work and is beneficial for career growth. Agree, such an employee will achieve success by an order of magnitude faster than someone who sits still and thinks only about possible failures.


Uncontrolled football excitement is an illness that requires a person to immediately contact a specialist, otherwise you risk not only harming others, but also undermine your own health. But if you are able to cope with it and your own emotions - it will only benefit you!