Tishreen's SC voted best TIFO in 2020

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ultras eagles tishreen sc

Best TIFO action in 2020

A week ago we started our voting for best TIFO action in 2020

Now that the vote is considered over and the results are clear - the absolute winner are Ultras Eagles of the Syrian side Tishreen SC with their action during the derby against Hutteen SC in October.

They were the only non-European option in our voting this year and the first ever winner from the Arab world! Congratulations!


Tribuna Sever (Slavia Praha) voted 2nd & Torcida Split action for their anniversary 3rd. 



1st Place: Hutteen SC - TISHREEN SC 21.10.2020


2nd Place: SLAVIA PRAHA - Sparta Praha 08.03.2020


3rd Place: TORCIDA SPLIT anniversary