Actual Football vs. Online Football

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If you are a football fanatic, possibly an Ultra, you’ve probably experienced a fair share of both playing an actual football game and playing a football game on your phone.

While the adrenaline and the rush of energy is common in both, the overall experience is obviously different, isn’t it?

When you are playing a real football game, you are likely to be surrounded by a large audience, you have people cheering for you, and your body is undergoing physical exhaustion. Your energy levels are on the rise, and naturally, you have this competitive streak inside you that makes you want to do your best and lead your team to victory.

On the other hand, when you are playing an online football game, the competitive mode is still there, but you aren’t doing any major physical activity, as in the former scenario. Online games requires more mental stimulation than physical. Also, you don’t really have a huge audience; it’s visual cheering just happening in the game.

Tricks and Tips

When playing a real football game, cheating isn’t really an option, is it?

That’s because you are there, you are live, and there are people all around you looking at you with watchful eyes. In an online game, you have more leeway, and you could probably get away with the help of a few tricks and tips.
There’s obviously a clear difference between the games that are played in reality and in the online world.

Take online gambling, for instance. There are so many online casino markets, such as the Casimba online casino. Now, if you were to gamble online, you might learn a few tricks and use them in your game. However, when gambling in an actual casino with so many people playing with you, the chances of cheating and putting some tricks to good use are very slim. Unless, of course, you are a pro at gambling and have a share of experience in real casinos.

The Excitement

This is probably the most important bit and also the major point of difference between actual and online football.

Goes without saying, a real sport is likely to take longer or perhaps forever to reach a point where it becomes ‘boring.’ The excitement levels are just too high, not just among the players, but also the people, the football fans, and the ultras sitting in the audience.

Imagine playing football with your competition; it’s a neck-to-neck game, and there’s no telling what’s going to happen next. The adrenaline rush is evident everywhere, and there’ noise all around – you aren’t likely to lose interest, are you?

However, it’s not really the same when it comes to online football gaming. There does come a point when you lose interest and simply shut your phone or computer off and start doing something else. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose, really! You can start a game whenever you want.

In a nutshell, there’s a world of difference between real sports and online gaming. Both are exciting, but they are quite different too!