UEFA 11/12 Week 13: CL fifth round of group stages

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www.ultras-tifo.netReview: Fifth round group stages Champions league.


Review: Fifth round group stages Champions league. 22-23 November 2011


Napoli - Manchester City: Full report here!


CSKA Moskva - Lille

Stolen banner from Lille


Trabzonspor - Inter


Trabzonspor - Inter


Oţelul Galati - FC Basel

Lyon - Ajax


Zenit - Apoel

Zenit fans burned Turkish flag to show support to Apoel fans in the Turkey - Cyprus conflict.


Zenit - Apoel


Olympique Marseille - Olympiakos


Olympique Marseille - Olympiakos


Manchester United - Benfica


AC Milan - Barcelona


Real Madrid - Dinamo Zagreb

Normal fans of Dinamo in Madrid. Bad Blue Boys still boycott European matches.


Bate - Viktoria Plzen

Arsenal - Borussia Dortmund


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Next week there is full round in Europa League. Many interesting matches!