Enhance Your Next Trip to Croatia by Visiting These Jaw-Dropping Football Stadiums

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Croatia is widely recognized as the central hub for everything football-related.

To top it off, the country is one of the most popular holiday destinations, capturing the hearts of everyone who visits it with its mesmerizing beaches and historically-marked towns. It also happens to have some of the most action-packed stadiums by far and wide.

Here are just a few worth mentioning


1. Stadion Gospin dolac


According to the ratings issued out by BBC in 2017, Gospin dolac was recognized as one of the most beautiful sports arenas in the world. Home to the NK Imotski, this place is where the rocky surroundings greet the curious visitor. In case you’re looking for something more, why not visit the medieval castle that’s right in the vicinity?


2. Stadion Poljud


This place used to be known as the Gradski Stadion. Nowadays, it’s the second-largest venue in the entire Croatia. It has some quite generous proportions and with a capacity like that, you could easily fit in an entire legion. It has a very modern design and some of the most important football matches are played here. Apart from being the home of Hajduk Split, one of the most widely known football clubs in the nation, it’s also the go-to destination for hosting big-time international athletic events.


3. Stadion Maksimir


One of the oldest venues for sure and arguably the most known by far and wide. And if that weren’t enough, this is where Dinamo Zagreb, Croatia’s #1 football team resides. The atmosphere is quite explosive when the clash is on and the fans always do their absolute best to cheer on their team of choice. People visit this venue for the experience and none leave disappointed.


4. Stadion Kantrida


Fancy a stroll at the beach right after you’ve finished watching the game? Then stop by the venue to experience this jewel of the Croatian sea. The nearby Kvarner Bay is what beauty is made of, and the perfect romantic destination to visit with your family, friends, or your significant other. When the sun sets down and the lights are reflected from the surface of the waves, then you’ll know the reason why Rijeka is so proud on ther stadium. There are plans on renovation, so hurry if you want to see it in original look.


5. Stadion Gradski vrt


Gradski vrt (City Garden) is a multi-use stadium in the Croatian city of Osijek. It's home of the football club NK Osijek. It's true old school stadium with capacity of 17 000 people.


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Since the stadiums we’ve covered today are loved by so many people, they can hardly steer you wrong. Croatia is indeed a land of mesmerizing atmosphere, but the heart of it is the people’s love for football. Care to visit and experience it from up close?