Protest in Bosnia!

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ProtestBosnian ultras against "Bosnian football federation".



Bosnian Football federation is probably the most corumped in Europe.
Bosnain support army "BH Fanaticos" last years try to make changes in this organisation, by writeing messages on matches, making pyros (like when they stopped the match against Norway for 1 hour).. but all that was for nothing.

23th May it was an orgnasied protest by Bhf and club groups : "The Maniacs (zeljeznicar)" , "Horde Zla (sarajevo)", "Robijasi (zenica)" and more others...
About 1000 ultras were in front of "football federation" building to sing songs against them,
and after 40 minutes with peacefull protest, they started to throw flares,stones,bottles... on police and building. Well organised police attacked ultras with bats and dogs... And distance them to secure building. About 50 ultras got arrested, 6 cops injured,and lot of "other people". This is first time on bosnian scene that groups from different teams made contract of "non attakcing each other" in same battle.

"Bosnian football federation = MAFIA" !!!

 Some pictures:

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