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As many of you maybe know the fans of Feyenoord Rotterdam (Holland) are in protest against their club board for a long time. They blame the club board for a debt of 40 (!) million euro, bad results, bans from the stadium without any good reason, and lying towards supporters and other people about important things. There are more things they do wrong but it’s a long list, to long! Here is a view of protest actions the supporters had this year (2011). In pre-season matches and matches.

Before this there where protests, but a group of older boys managed to keep it easy for the club. Because they where busy with conversations with important people that wanted to help Feyenoord with money. The older group made appointments with the club board. They would take care of the atmosphere outside the stadium. And they managed to keep it calm at very bad moments for the club, like after the 10-0 lost against PSV Eindhoven.

After they sent a letter to the club with points they wanted to see different the club told them they didn't like the points so they won’t listen anymore. After that the group said they wouldn’t keep it calm anymore. After that the incidents in this article took place, first the incidents were not so big, but as club board didn't listen protest got harder.

Against Modern Football!

First Training, 26-06-2011.

At the first training there was a huge pyro show by the Feyenoord fans, more then hundred flares were lighted in De Kuip. After 12 minutes of great atmosphere, singing, jumping and pyro the Feyenoord fans decided to leave in protest. They didn’t sing and left one by one the stadium. Outside they walked in a corteo around the stadium and finally stopped at Varkenoord, the place of the amateurs of Feyenoord. Also a place for Feyenoord fans to have a drink before matches.


Feyenoord – SC Feyenoord, 02-07-2011.

A pre-season match between the professionals of Feyenoord and the amateurs of Varkenoord next to the De Kuip. Feyenoord fans came to Varkenoord and before the match they hang up banners against the club board. At the entrance they created a simulation of a fire. First they threw yellow fires and behind that big gray/white smoke. After that they had big black smoke to make the simulation complete. Next to the pyro there was a banner that showed an emergency exit painted on a flag. After that they continued with some fireworks.



Vitesse Delft – Feyenoord, 09-07-2011.

Another pre-season match, this time at Delft. After having banners against the club board in pre-season matches against SC Feyenoord and SC Erica there were protest banners in Delft as well. At the entrance of the two teams Feyenoord fans threw smoke bombs and flares.



FC Dordrecht – Feyenoord, 19-07-2011.

19th of July Feyenoord played in Dordrecht near Rotterdam for another pre-season match. Before the start of the match the whole section behind the goal was full of Feyenoord supporters, and full of protest banners. Again the banner with the EXIT (seen at Feyenoord – SC Feyenoord) were showed by the Feyenoord fans. After 12 minutes Feyenoord fans started to throw pyro on the field. Referee had to stop the match cause of the smoke. For minutes the whole stadium was full of smoke. After that the Feyenoord fans climped up fences singing songs towards the club board. Match continued but in the last minutes of the match Feyenoord fans threw fireworks again.

The referee thought it was enough and said it was the end of the match. While Feyenoord fans where still in the fences outside the police came to the stadium. They tried to arrest one Feyenoord fan but he managed to get away.



Feyenoord – Roda JC, 13-08-2011.

The first match in the evening at De Kuip. Feyenoord fans came to Varkenoord to walk in a corteo to the building of the club board (Maasgebouw) with a funerary box. A symbolic sign to show with this club board, Feyenoord will be dead. Fireworks were sent off from Varkenoord and it was corteo of chaos. For a few minutes people could only watch the group of maybe 200 people walking with the corteo. Police didn’t knew what was going to happen and got panic. Before the Maasgebouw the fans started to sing songs against the board. Also they lighted up some candles on the coffin.




Feyenoord – De Graafschap, 18-09-2011.

Time for a new match in the evening. Feyenoord fans gathered for a new protest.

Protest started from Varkenoord with lot’s of fireworks and singing. 2000 Feyenoord fans walked in the corteo to show they don’t like the current club board. At the end of the corteo 200 Feyenoord fans walked away from the group and runned to the Maasgebouw (the building of the club board) they attacked the building many times. After a whole the double and bullet proof glass became weak and broke at some places. Police was inside but couldn’t do anything against 200 angry fans. Fireworks continued to go off outside and were throwed against windows.

When a security guy tried to make people calm a trashcan of steel was throwed at his head. The fans attacked the building again and demolished cars and threw things at the police who stood outside the building. Some cops ran away from the fans. When the main window was smashed and fireworks were throwed inside, the police pulled out their guns and pointed them at Feyenoord fans. People went behind some cars to cover before they tried to attack the building again. After a few seconds police came with bats and shields. Flares weere throwed at them and Feyenoord fans tried to search for a fight with their bare hands. Then horses came running over people. People got behind the cars again and things calmed down.


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