Ultras-tifo: info/news 5 February

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ultras-tifo!Here is some news and info from ultras-tifo website and forum.

The website has been online for over a month now and the ultras-tifo crew still try to fill it up with more stuff, like links. There will also come a "new thing" very soon (wait and see).
I have to say I still miss help from our users. To keep this site active we need your help! Write us articles, match reports, latest news, interviews and so on.

 If your afraid to write cause of bad english the Ultras-tifo crew are able to translate the following languages:

Just go to contact us and send us a email there. You can also send me a pm on the user Brann at our forum.

About our forum (ultras-tifo.com):
We are still looking for a moderator in the following zones.
-Other countries
-Other sports

A own guy for interviews could also be good. Then you have to be creative and get in contact with top lads of other groups and write ok english.

Send a pm to "Brann" or use the contact info if your interesed. Make sure you have been active on our forum for a while so we "know" you a bit and how you act.

If you have any tips or hints to us you can write it down here or use contact us like I wrote right over.