Ultras Dynamo Youth Week

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During winter holidays Ultras Dynamo organized "Youth Week".

During winter holidays Ultras Dynamo and Fanprojekt Dresden organized "Youth week". More than 30 kids participated. First day they painted new flags, then after the dinner they played table-football and talked with Ultras Dynamo members. Kids showed big interest with many questions.

Next day they went to stadium. Kids visited all parts of stadium and listen about club and stadium history. Later they went to sports hall and played football.

The lunch at Thursday (third day) was set at 14:00, but some kids came earlier to paint flags! After lunch Ultras Dynamo presented their group to kids, talked about ultras movement, importance of famous slogan "Support your local football team"...

As a final of the Youth Week, a bus was organized for the away game in Munich (amateurs match). The guys who organized this were little bit skeptic if the bus will be filled, but bus was full loaded with 25 young fans!

This is great example how to raise new fans and teach them what is right football and supporters mentality!


Source: ultras-dynamo.de