Feyenoord fans paid their respect to club legend

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www.ultras-tifo.netSupporters honored Coen Moulijn who passed away.

Famous Feyenoord player and true club legend Coen Moulijn passed away.

Coen Moulijn was the biggest, greatest and best player in the history of Feyenoord. He joined the club in 1955 when he was 17 or 18 and played his whole career in De Kuip, total of 17 years. He formed a brilliant attack with Cor vd Gijp (most goals in history) and Henk Schouten, and later with players like Wim Jansen, Willem van Hanegem and Ove Kindvall. In 1970 he was one of the players who won the ECI, our biggest success.

He was a working class hero, the hero of the normal people of Rotterdam, of the workers in the harbor, of the people who work hard for less. He was the most popular player in Feyenoords history.
And he never left Feyenoord behind hem, even when the club played bad or had no money. He could sign for Barcelona in the sixties, but he wanted to stay in Rotterdam.

He died at 4th January after a brain infarct.
On that evening around 1000 fans came together around his statue (statue was made in 2009) to remember him outside Feyenoords Stadium.

Day after, January 5th, Sparta Rotterdam played against Feyenoord in a friendly match.

This match was planned for long time, but because of the legend who passed away it become a very special match.

Stadium was totally sold out, 3/4 with Feyenoord fans. Lot of banners were made for Moulijn, together with lot of flares and 1 minute silence.



The whole week various groups of fans (SCF, FIIIR, LunaticNews, TIFO) worked together to make the biggest funeral in the history of the club, and to give Moulijn the funeral he deserved. Flares were bought all over the country, and on Friday evening they had around 400/450 flares. At Saturday around 3000 people came to the stadium to see the service, which was broad casted in the stadium. Before the service ended, a group of around 500/600 fans left the stadium and went to the Erasmusbridge, the biggest bridge in Rotterdam. If you drive over it, you´re in the inner-city of Rotterdam and it´s one of the symbols of Rotterdam.

At the bridge flares were given out while waiting on the car with Moulijns to come.
When his car arrived everybody used their flare and sang loud and proud in honor to him.

When all the cars left the bridge, everybody decided to walk to the Coolsingel, thats the place where Feyenoord supporters celebrate after winning something big, it´s THE place of the city. Around 15.000/20.000 people honored him with songs and flares.