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ultras-tifoAfter 3 years with our forum www.ultras-tifo.com we finally decided to create our own website: www.ultras-tifo.net

24th December 2004 two brothers (none of them active now days) started up the forum www.ultras-tifo.com

 After just a few days me (Brann) and TifoFan registered and started to post. After a little time we were asked to become mods and join the crew.

First year was not so active, but the crew was happy with the board so far and we got new members every week and needed a few more moderators.

Second year things started to change. More and more people registered, we needed much more mods and our site started to become a great meeting place for people interested in tifosi and ultras culture. Now days we have hundreds of people online every single day looking for the last actions done by real football fans.

 Our goals for the forum was, and still is, to have a place for real fans who are interested in whats going on, in and outside, the stands. Media often come with the news, but even ofter with bullshit! Here we try to collect the latest news and pictures from all over the world, and, we let people who are involved in these situations write with their own words. We also try to keep a high level, which we have learned is hard when more and more people join us.

There is a lot we can do to make the ultras-tifo.com forum even better. The crew can always come up with new ideas, but the ones who knowns what will be best is our users, so please send us a pm, email or just make a post and tell us if you got any good ideas.

 You might wonder why we actually start up this website (.net!). As I said a bit earlier media mostly write bullshit. Here we hope to come with the latest news and publish them on this website. But to be able to do this we need YOUR help!  YOU have to write match reports to us, YOU have to write news to us and YOU have to keep us updated!

If you want to contact us you can send a pm to Brann or TifoFan on the forum or you can send email to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hopefully this website will be a great site after a while with much news, match reports, interviews and info about whats going on in the stands around the whole wolrd!