RIOTS: Italy - Serbia 12.10.2010.

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Compilation from riots before, during and after Italy - Serbia (12.10.2010).

Short information:

- Goal keeper for Serbia didn't want to play this match. Got insulted/attacked by supporters because he left from Crvena Zvezda to Partizan.

- Old coach for Serbia, Radomir Antic, got fired from his job because of miss-agreement with president of the Serbian Football Federation. He was liked by the supporters.

- Some trouble before match, smaller riot during match and lot of trouble after match.

- Guy on fence got arrested by Italian cops, after hiding inside a bus.

- Police brutality after the match, check out movie.

- Match was canceled.

- 16 people sent to hospital, 17 supporters arrested.


Pictures & videos from the match:

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Photos & videos before and after match: